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Sexy brunette Riya a kinky vision in shiny red PVC and black spike-heeled pumps enters a room and heads straight to the mirror. She fixes her scarlet lipstick, only to smear more of it on her chin as she sucks on a lollipop. She continues to enjoy her sugary treat and bends over, exposing her equally sweet cheeks and shaved pussy as her minidress rides up. With the lollipop crammed into her mouth, she begins to play with black bondage ropes, holding them around her neck and throat. She strikes some sassy poses then sits in her chair and binds her ankles to the legs, thighs splayed. Horny, she toys with her rack through the PVC, then hikes it up to finger her pink. Combining her two greatest pleasures, Riya begins to stroke her slit with the sticky candy. She can't resist tasting her juices off of it  then she lowers the top of her dress to bare her small, perfect breasts and erect nipples. She teases her clit with the lollipop, then plunges it in and out her snatch like a dildo. Immediately, she starts to moan, as her puffy lips are smeared with syrupy wetness. The candy may be melting fast, but it's still hitting the spot. As she squirms her naked ass against her seat, her fingers ream her clit, then she grinds what's left of the lollipop against it  and her orgasm hits like the most intense sugar rush. As Riya drifts back down to earth, still a little dizzy, she works the cum-soaked candy against her tongue. She caresses her tits with her free hand and flashes flirty looks at the camera before the picture fades

Genre: Upskirt, Solo, Breasts, Posong, Brunette, Bondage, Bedroom, Stilletos
Cast: Riya



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