Viv Thomas - Freya Mayer And Blue Angel Love Notes [1080p]

Porn Stars:
1337 MB
23 min
Release Date:
May 11, 2021
Publication date:


Cute blonde Freya Mayer is busking on the city street, at the start of Sandra Shine’s passionate lesbian movie "Love Notes." She’s spotted by sexy Blue Angel, who invites her indoors to warm up. They kiss on the stairs to Blue’s apartment; once in the bedroom, Freya serenades her new friend before they act on their mutual attraction. Kissing her hungrily, Freya peels off Blue’s tight dress and fondles her perky breasts, sucking her incredibly stiff nipples. Blue repays the favor, undressing Freya and squeezing her gorgeous breasts, then peeling off her jeans. She licks Freya through her white lace panties before tugging them aside and eating her shaved pussy voraciously, making her squirm with bliss. Flipping Blue onto her back, Freya gets her naked and laps at her wet slot, wagging her tongue until Blue is overwhelmed by the intense sensations. Freya straddles her in a sixty-nine, both of them licking avidly. Freya orgasms hard, bucking on Blue’s face as her body is wracked with pleasure, then dismounts and eats Blue's pussy to a powerful climax.


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