Sophie Short - A Day In The Life Of Goddess Sophie And Jack Eden 1080p

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Year: 12.03.2021
Genre: Blowjob, FaceSitting, Vibrator, Pussy Licking, Chastity, Hooded, Handjob, Cumeating, Masturbation, Boot Licking, Cumshot, Smothering, Femdom
Cast: Jack Eden, Sophie Short

 Jack Eden is lying in the dark, cold basement beneath Goddess Sophie's huge house. As Sophie goes about her day upstairs Jack is tied to a wooden board, hooded. He keeps obsessing over the mistakes he's made in front of his goddess and how he could ever possibly redeem himself. He's lost all sense of time, and doesn't know when he's awake or asleep. To pass the hours, he meditates on every inch of Goddess Sophie's body, remembering the rare moments when she allowed him to lick her perfect pussy or felt her teeth scrape his pathetic dick. A loud kick to the board he is tied to rouses him from his confusion. Sophie has blessed him with her presence once again. These are the moments he lives for. She asserts that she will be using his mouth for her pleasure and his cock for her amusement. She slowly takes off her panties, mocking him for being behind the hood and unable to see the glorious beauty right above his stupid face. She shoves her panties in his mouth as she crops his pale flesh. She kicks his chastity device with her sexy boots and laughs when she remembers how many weeks he's been in there....

Quality: Full HD
Format: mp4
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (AVC), 10 000 kb/s, 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS
Audio: AAC (AAC LC), 160 kb/s (CBR), 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

 Duration: 00:31:45
Size: 2.24 GB



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