Tasha (19 Years Old)

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Description: Give me a T! Give me an A! Give me an S! Give me an H! Give me another A! WHAT'S THAT SPELL? ... TASHA! ... What!? ... TASHA! ... One more time! TASHA !!! And yes this ex-high school cheerleader needs no pep rally to get her enthusiasm and spirits up before the big fucking today with Jake Adams. You see last weeks exploit Roxy and Tasha are newly BFF's and Roxy was the first of them to take a ride on the Jake Adam's rail-me express. And you know damn well Roxy told Tasha all about the “fucking of her life” that happened the day before and just what new besty Tasha’s pussy was in for. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Oh how the fuck do we find these girls?” Well if you’re familiar with the legendary Backroom Casting Couch, and I’m sure you are, everyone, and I mean in the entire world everyone does right? Well as you all know “Porn Producer” Rick and his infamous Backroom Casting Couch and I are buddies, and he sometimes will pass around the little honeys he takes advantage of. “Hey Steve, I’ve got a few live ones and I need them to think I’m a porn producer. Want to try them out and fill their holes? " he occasionally asks me. What are buddies for right? And thanks pal. The world’s a better and happier place with you and your essential work in it. Also, during this pandemic we sure as hell didn’t take any “Stimulus” checks because we don’t do handouts. What we did do though was our part by passing around a lot of well-needed stimulation of the fun kind. We also unclogged a lot of air pipes along the way. But luckily for us, and you girls, today’s exploit Tasha has just the right type of willing holes to pass around and fill with our own form of essential stimulation and we’re very happy to fill these holes full of our essential work. So we find out that at Tasha's casting she tried a lot of new things for the first time and had a lot of fun. “It was exciting,” she explains. You know. She did all sorts of fun things for the first time like anal, rimming, ass to mouth. Get it? Fun for the whole family type of activities and what you’ve all cum to expect from us as standard and normal things a newbie does the first time on camera. "So did you like it?" asked Jake. “Yeah. Yeah it was fun, ”Tasha states, and we can tell this girl is down and dirty. Dirty in all the ways that matter that is. So as our fuck carriage motors down the road Tasha opens up more and explains some of her wilder times in high school and how she lost her virginity during 7 minutes of heaven. She also reluctantly admits, as most all our girls do, that losing her virginity to some young inexperienced idiot was ... How do I paraphrase this? It was quite lacking and over rather quickly. We’re sorry Tasha but you’re a wiser girl now and she followed those statements up with; “I like older guys. Like guys in there 40’s because they’re funner to fuck and they have more confidence and experience with a girl’s body ”. Love that, and to hear this makes an older guy like me think he’s still got a chance. So all you young hotties out there listen to this very “wiser than her age” young lady and start hooking up with older guys. And if you’re not convinced here’s some more words of wisdom once told to me from my very wise Grandmother. “People are like rivers. Wild ones may seem exciting and appear to be exhilarating and dangerous. But in order to be wild they are also VERY SHALLOW. On the other hand, calmer waters that appears less exciting run DEEPER, and the rides LAST LONGER. " Key takeaways here ladies are: DEEPER and LASTS LONGER. Things I’m sure are all lacking in your young man's short-lived bag of tricks of life experiences. So in closing just remember this. As Marilyn Monroe stated so INCORRECTLY: Blondes don’t have more fun. Redheads do. Because Redheads have the sex-word “head” in their title.
Enjoy, Steve

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