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Filmed by erotic icon Sandra Shine, sexy Hungarian Kiara Lord is indulging her fetish for lace. The hot strawberry blonde has wrapped her stunning body in black-lace stockings, garters, thong, bra and a sheer robe with a lace trim. Shot from below, she walks around in spike-heeled pumps and caresses her curves through the fine fabric. She slides one manicured hand inside of a stocking, unclips the straining garter strap, then rolls it down and off. Pouting her full, glossed lips, she plays with it and takes it between her teeth. Next, she strips off her panties to expose a trimmed, golden-red bush, before pulling the stocking high and tight up into her slit and sawing it back and forth. Sitting on her bed, thighs splayed, Kiara cups and massages her large breasts, then takes off her bra. She uses the juice-moist stocking to tease her globes and erect nipples, sniffs and tastes it, then lowers it to her crotch. Then she begins to insert the lace top in her pussy, as her free hand parts her shaved lips and rubs her clit. Her ecstatic moans are muffled as she crams a couple fingers in her mouth. Then she slides her arm into the stocking, wearing it like a long opera glove as she continues to masturbate. Slowly, she draws it out of her snatch and stretches it over her digits before frigging herself again the texture of the lace soon builds friction. Balanced on her heels, knees bent, thighs splayed and ass off of the bed, she humps herself to the brink of orgasm.

Genre: Lingerie, Masturbatuon, Big Tits, Solo, Stocking
Cast: Kiara Lord


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