Lilly Hall - My Slutty Step-Sister Seduced Me on Valentines Day FullHD 1080p

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Lilly Hall - My Slutty Step-Sister Seduced Me on Valentines Day 1080p

Release Year: 2021                              
Cast: Lilly Hall                                  
Genres: taboo, big tits, roleplay, big ass, all sex, pov, blowjob, latina

So on Valentines’ night the craziest thing happened. I had just got done with playing Call Duty in the basement and I was ready to hit the hay. My step-dad and Step-mom were still out celebrating valentines day and it was just me and my older step-sister Lilly. I didn’t see her in the living room so I assumed she wen out or something. That wasn’t the case, because when I walked into my bedroom. There she was, half naked and in a sexy little outfit. I asked her what she was doing and that’s when she told me she was going to fuck me on Valentines night. I guess her boyfriend had broken up with her earlier in the day and she was set on getting fucked. I tried t tell her that we shouldn’t. But when she started touching herself. I couldn’t walk away it was so hot. Then she started rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants. At that point I lost all self control and pounded my older step-sister six ways from Sunday. What a little slut.

Time: 00:13:31                                      
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