Les Aventures des Queues Nickelees -1978-

990 MB
1:00 Std.
768*432 Pixel
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Les Aventures des Queues Nickelees
768 x 432 Pixel - 1:00 Std. - 990 MB

Cast: Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart, Claude Janna, Edwige Faillel, Liliane Allan, Lucie Doll, Valerie Martin's, Alain Plumey, Charly Schreiner, Dominique Aveline, Dominique Irissou, Guy Royer, Richard Allan

Studio: Alpha France
Released: 1978
Category: Vintage, Rerto, Classic, Oldie, French, Haity, Group, 70s, Feature

Codec: MP4
Länge: 1:00 Std.
Auflösung: 768*432 Pixel
Bitrate: 2048 Kbps
FPS: 25

Sprache: Französisch *ohne Gewähr*
Codec: AAC
Sample-Rate: 44100 Hz
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

In Episoden aufgeteilt: nein

-Bambochard, Riboulbringue and Vergefolle, aka the Wild Dicks, sack a mansion and are caught in the act by the owner, Mr Blair, American billionaire who just had a diamond stolen. They portray themselves as inspectors and examine the guests. The search ends up in orgy. and this is just the beginning of this multiple XXX sexual adventure.
-A spoof of the French classic comics Les aventures des Pieds Nickeles.
Three men break into a house and search a room, including ripping open a mattress. They are joined by Guy Royer, who is much better dressed and appears to be the boss. They move into another room, find a group of males and females, and make them participate in an orgy. The orgy seems to be in two parts. The maid is gang banged in between. In the second part of the orgy someone has a DP and the brunette maid missionary anal.
Later the gang go out on the streets and recruit three more females. With the maid these gather round a bed where Guy Royer seems to be pretending to be dead. They have an orgy and 'raise' him from the dead.


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