Heisse Schnecken -1979-

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Heisse Schnecken
696 x 536 Pixel - MP4 - 1:18 Std. - 871 MB

Auch: Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjährigen, Young Love Hot Love

Cast: Sylvia Engelmann, Patrick Donovan, Franz Kroger, Yvonne Fischer-Tau, Hermann Michala, Margit Rauthe, Horst Sieger, Herbert Warnke, Inga Kerstens, Gitta Schnoorbusch

Studio: Videorama
Released: 1979
Category: Oldie, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Teen, Teens, Teenager, 70s, Drama, Feature, Hairy

Quelle: VHS

Codec: MP4
Länge: 1:18 Std.
Auflösung: 696*536 Pixel
Bitrate: 1411 Kbps
FPS: 25

Codec: AAC
Sample-Rate: 44100 Hz
Bitrate: 98,8 Kbps

In Episoden aufgeteilt: nein

Young Elke is seventeen when she experiences the pleasures of masturbation one morning. But this experience unsettles the adolescent girl and her precocious girlfriend Ellen is in the difficult phase of life. Even the first contacts with men are rather sobering and although Elke meets with Lothar, she feels nothing for him, while Lothar would like to jump right into the box.
The whole plot takes place in Hamburg where Elke lives in a flat with her parents. Like many young girls of her age she's keeping a diary.
In the second scene we become acquainted with her classmate Ellen. Ellen is debauching Elke on the school toilet and after eating Elke's pussy she urinates into the toilet. Elke isn't really satisfied with her lesbian adventure.
In a cafe her boyfriend Lothar is introduced to us but she's not really in love with him. In one of the next scenes he gets her home. On the staircase she gives him a handjob and he fingers her pussy but that's all.
Later on Ellen gives a big party at her home. Lothar really gets disappointed when Elke refuses to have sex with him. More and more of the guests, even Lothar, go upstairs to the bedrooms to have sex. Ellen is banging two guys in a pool. One of them cums on her back, the other one in her mouth. When Elke spies her boyfriend fucking a blonde girl she leaves the party alone. This is the last time she meets him. At the end of the orgy scene two girls urinate into the pool.
But now the movie comes to a turning point. In the next scene we see her being really lucky. The reason is that she has fallen in love with Holger, a 38 year old guy she got to know in a cafe. For the first time Elke seems to be content with her life. But their joys of love end quickly when he has to leave Hamburg for Singapore. The movie finishes with the scene at the railway station. Elke is in despair again but now she realizes that this is the beginning of something new.



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