See Him Fuck - Addison Vodka [1080p]

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Addison Vodka - Focused On Looking At HIM


New stud and Upstate NY native Tommy Parker makes his See HIM Fuck debut today, and we paired HIM up with the lovely Addison Vodka for this week's superb ass-eating update! Full-Length porno Director Johnny Robins kicks things off by interviewing HIM, followed by Tommy stripping naked with some assistance from Addison, who just had to plop that soft prick into her mouth for a bit. Addison then lubes HIM up, gives HIM a reach-around, and does the old sniff n' lick on his hairy armpits. Tommy then sits so that Addison can get all freaky-deeky with his socked and bare feet. Next up is the ass-eating portion of the program, where first Tommy cops a squat on her pretty little face, followed by Addison rimming and tonguing HIM while Tommy is spread-eagle, via the Risty Trombone, and with from above with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The two of them then trade oral treats as first Tommy goes down on the slender 24-year-old and suckles on her clit, followed by Addison blowing and gagging on HIM. Finally, we get to See HIM Fuck, as first Addison hops on top and takes her pussy for a cowgirl cockride. This is followed by Tommy deep-dicking Addison in a front, then backward piledriver, doggystyle and missionary until he pulls out and “cums in her mouth.” We caught up with a solo HIM in the shower afterward... Until the next HIM!


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