Zoe, Cathy - Fun In The Sun HD 720p

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Zoe, Cathy - Fun In The Sun 720p

Cast: Zoe, Cathy                                  
Genres: All Sex, Creampie, Blonde, Mature, Blood, Lesbian, Strapon, Blowjob

Zoe is an incredibly attractive young blonde who joined us for a threesome a couple of years ago (see scene 627). Since then we have stayed in contact but it was almost a year later before we got to hook up with her again. It was a warm sunny day when she came over so we decided to hang out by the pool. Before we started filming Zoe delighted in teasing the fuck out of me (she knew how into her I was) so I was super horny when I did switch the camera on.
We started out beside the pool but it wasn't long before Zoe and I were in the pool fucking. Cathy said it looked like a lot of fun so when I stopped to catch my breath, Cathy gave me the camera and jumped into the pool and had some fun with Zoe. After our fun in the pool we went inside and continued. We fucked for maybe another hour before Zoe said she wanted me to fill her pussy with a huge creampie. Hearing her say that excited the fuck out of me so I did. After such a long wait, my orgasm was super intense (I can't remember ever having a better one).

Time: 00:27:06                                      
File: MPEG-4
Video: 1280x720               
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