TK17 Psycho Pack (3D SexVilla2) [1.0]

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Publication date:


Year: 2015
Genre: 3D, Animation, All sex, Tentacles, BDSM, Group, POV, TK17, Constructor, Furry, Aliens
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Language Game: English
Language: English

System requirements:
GPU: GeForce GTX 650TI
CPU: AMD FX (tm) - 4170
Memory: 8GB ddr3

In this assembly, made for you assembled the best of the best. For every taste, for every need to implement any of your fantasies.
No Skyrim or Oblivion, and not something like that, no one game by Illusion can not be compared with the possibilities of TK17.

Extras. Info: -The best male and female transsexual gay and Monster models to suit all tastes 146 pieces.
-huge Number of underwear, stockings, panties, bras, body, dressing gowns, garters, bandages on her hands and things.
-Best Body texture in 4K
-Textures For creation of any character in a single click, zombies, Fury, a stranger, Pikachu, ninja turtles, as well as all kinds of tails, ears and so on.
-huge Amount of shoes, boots, clothes, glasses and hats, as well as bondage, chain, strap-ons, gags, etc. for BDSM, and more.
-Graficheskie Improve all that meets the eye, Sweet FX lighting, Hook, new textures and locations of lighting model.
-A Large number of new locations.
-New toys
-huge Tools to easily create or modify any model.
-More Than 1500 postures to suit all tastes. And as Pov (postures in the first person, made specifically for entertainment for you) all poses multistage, animated, and as they adjusted the intensity of the frictions and others.
-Improved All liquids in the game, sweat sperm selection at krempay.
Stowe modes allowing the game to have more than 40 models of bodies and heads at the same time.
Stowe mod allows to control orgasm.
Stowe mod adds new capabilities during sex, such as a member of the physics and others. (Flexion member and a draw)
-Kruteyshie Body for connoisseurs Shimale (women members) as well as (the girl with the members and vaginas at the same time)
Very many new high-quality hairstyles, some of them you met in Skyrim)
-And Still a huge amount of toys, and any other that I can not enumerate. Just download and enjoy.
-Most Of the models set up and will look as it should.
-All Set up, run and play.
Is a known Fockers, heroes and heroines, Freddy Krueger, Jill Valentine, the heroes of comic books and anime series heroes, movie stars, Centerfolds.
-More Than 120 locations for sex.

1) Set the original TK17 (there are in the hand)
2) Set always in a directory with a short root, example: D \ Games \ TK17 (name of the folder with the game have to be TK17)
3) Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder. Confirm file replacement.
4) Remove the two shortcut from the desktop and run the game be sure to TK17-114.001_mod - be in the Binaries folder.

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