Cum For Me Daddy Vol 5

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Cum For Me Daddy Vol 5 (2017)
7 Taboo POV Blowjobs!
Akira Shell: Oh hi Daddy, what are you doing in here? Umm well yeah I was out all night but I behaved myself. I know you're mad and I'm gonna make it up to you. Daddy, just relax and let me do this. I promise it will make it all better. Daddy you're so hard in my mouth already I can tell it's working. See daddy all I have to do is suck your balls while I stroke your cock and you get so happy! You can't stay mad at me much longer, I can tell you're gonna cum soon. That's it Daddy cum for me and accept my apology please!
Nora Ivy: Hi Daddy, you know what I want so let's not waste any time. You know how much I love you Daddy and I always want to please you. Today though, I want you to do something to make me very happy. That's right Daddy I want you to cum for me. You can do that can't you? Well your cock sure does agree with the idea, you're so hard you barely fit in my tiny mouth. Oh Daddy you're so good to me I can't wait til you cum all in my mouth.
Olivia Kasady: Hi Daddy, I have been waiting all day for some time alone with you! I just can't stop thinking about sucking your cock 'til it swells in my mouth just like this. Mmm, that feels so good daddy it's really turning me on. The harder you get the more I start craving that big mouthful of cum you're going to give me. There you go daddy fill my little mouth just like that. Thank you Daddy I'll be back for more later!
Vera Bliss: Daddy I just got out of the shower and I'm running late for class but I can't leave you like this. Your cock is getting is big already I don't know if I can take it all in. OMG daddy you feel so good in my mouth I could do this all day. Your pre-cum is so sweet just like you. You must really like the way my lips grip your cock 'cause you twitch so much when I do. That's it daddy fill my tiny mouth with your seed and I'll swallow it all!

Category: Teen, Amateur, Blowjob, Handjob, Erotic Vignette, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Oral, Redhead, POV
Starring: Akira Shell, Gisele Roxx, Kacie Castle, Nora Ivy, Olivia Kasady, Sadie Holmes, Vera Bliss
Language: English
Size: 1.07 GB
Length: 01:20:46
Format: MP4
Video: 852x480


Hi Mr.Poster,

"Cum For Me Daddy Vol 5" & " Cum For Me Daddy Vol 4" are the same file

thx for all your work


Posted SensualFucker am 2 December 2023 10:31
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