Furies Sexuelles -1976- (1080p)

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Furies Sexuelles
1800 x 1080 Pixel - 1:46 Std. - 6170 MB

Cast: Francoise Maillot, Mandarine, Corinne Lemoine, Cecile Carole, Lisa Orsag, Ingrid d'Eve, Carole Gire, Claudia Zante, Marie-Christine Chireix, Andre Miller, Jean-Pierre Armand, Richard Lemieuvre, Robert Le Ray, Guy Royer, Carmelo Petix, Ghislain Van Hove, Charlie Schreiner, Stephane Saratoga, Michel Buffler

Studio: Alain Payet, LuXe Video

Released: 1976

Category: 70s, Oldie, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Feature, Story, French, France, 1080p, FullHD, Oral, Blowjob, Cumshot


Codec: MKV

Länge: 1:46 Std.

Auflösung: 1800*1080 Pixel

Bitrate: 7434 Kbps

FPS: 23,97


Codec: FLAC

Sample-Rate: 48000 Hz

Bitrate: 884 Kbps

In Episoden aufgeteilt: nein

Most of the film is a flashback from failed suicide Marie-Madeleine's hospital bed.

Marie-Madeleine (Corrine Lemoine) is an assistant in a lingerie shop where the manager charges male customers to view the ladies' changing rooms through a two-way mirror. Another assistant, Mandarine, is not averse to putting on a lesbian show with female customers, but Marie-Madeleine objects strongly when a male customer tries it on with her. However, she later meets Richard Lemieuvre in a bar and has a one-night stand with him. She wakes up alone to find some bank notes on her dressing table.

One of her customers had been a prostitute and she later meets her in a café. She admits to having been glad of the money and her former customer introduces her to a madame. She is then drawn into the life of a prostitute, though she has feelings of guilt about this career, especially as she receives little respect from her clients. This culminates in her attendance at a sex party with Richard Lemieuvre who reveals that she is a prostitute and where she is then gang-raped.

Hence she ends up with bandaged wrists in a hospital bed, but the words of her doctor seem to give her a more optimistic outlook.


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