La rabatteuse / Beater / Recruiter (Year 1978)


Robert agrees to babysit a friend's girlfriend while he is abroad. This girl Jocelyn in return convinces any woman who likes Robert to have sex. This flow of women includes a flight attendant, a saleswoman, a countess, a mother and daughter they meet in a cafe, an usher from a local porn theater, and even a woman they see on the street.

Genre : Vintage, Feature, Blowjob, hairy cunt, hairy pussy, Orgy sex, Beautiful Woman, Hardcore, Lesbian, Lesbian Sex, DVD Rips
Country: France
Name : Alexandra Sand, Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Claude Janna, Danièle Troeger, Emmanuelle Parèze, France Lomay, Karine Gambier, Marion Schultz, Nicole Velna, Samantha

Year of release : 1978

File Type: MKV



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