Elena Max - Erotic Punishment 2 1080p

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Mar 19, 2023
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Sexy dark-haired Dominant Adel Morel is in a forest, dressed in leather-look leggings with garter cut-outs, and a harness that leaves her big breasts on show. Her submissive lesbian lover Elena Max is even more exposed, wearing a network of thin straps between her neck and thighs, that leaves her perky, perfect tits and shaved pussy naked.
Adel leads the cute tattooed brunette to a tree. Then, after whipping and gagging the girl with her own leash, she ties her to the trunk with white bondage rope around her waist. After kissing her goodbye, she walks away. Elena knows what is expected of her and immediately begins to masturbate, sliding a manicured hand between her thighs to frig her slit.
First, she focusses on her clit, smearing it with her juices then rubbing it hard. Then she crooks a couple fingers and penetrates her pussy, plowing it so fast her hand is a blur. Moaning and whimpering, she grinds her back and ass against the rough bark of the tree – and finds the sensation a huge turn-on.
Spinning around within her rope restraint she faces the trunk with one leg raised, and continues to fingerbang her snatch. As her digits pound in and out she is now audibly wet and juicy. Elena is relentless, not holding back for a moment. Maybe she is putting on a show in case she is being watched from a distance – or perhaps she is lost in the pure bliss of self-pleasure.
Most likely it’s a combination of both, and we are treated to a close-up of her fabulous globes quivering, framed by the straps as she reaches the brink of orgasm. Within moments she cums, body spasming against the rope. Satisfied, she relaxes as the birds sing and the breeze caresses her bare skin. Then she frees herself and leaves the scene…


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