Casey and Nick Ross - Tempt You 1080p

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Mar 19, 2023
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Gorgeous blonde Casey is irresistible in a sexy black dress, dancing for Nick Ross, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Tempt You" begins. She rocks her hips, wiggling her ass and caressing her beautiful breasts as Nick watches appreciatively. When Casey joins Nick on the sofa, he kisses her passionately and lavishes attention on her stiff nipples as he undresses her. She straddles his face to get her pussy licked, then unzips his jeans and sucks his rigid cock eagerly. Moving astride him, Casey impales herself on his thick shaft and rides it vigorously, breasts bouncing and ass cheeks rippling as she slides up and down until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. She turns around into reverse cowgirl, fucking herself on Nick’s erection and climaxing again before they switch to missionary. Now Nick takes control, gazing into Casey’s eyes as he thrusts into her; they move into spoons so she can rub her clit as he makes her orgasm again and again. Her final climax triggers his own, and he fills her pussy with hot cum that trickles out as they lie wrapped in each other’s arms.


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