Lauren Phillips, Eliza Ibarra, Nicole Doshi, Avery Jane - Lesbian hot love and Squirting - Squirting Stories: Squirters Anonymous (2023 / 1080p)

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Four women (Nicole Doshi, Avery Jane, Eliza Ibarra, and Lauren Phillips) are having a Squirters Anonymous meeting. Lauren, who is leading the meeting, asks everyone to introduce themselves and share their stories.
Nicole shyly introduces herself as she gets ready to share her story. She recounts an embarrassing experience where she accidentally squirted right in her girlfriend's face... then her girlfriend dumped her on the spot...
Avery introduces herself next. She shares a shocking story about reading a steamy romance novel while on a bumpy bus ride one day, which caused her to squirt... leading to everyone else on the bus freaking out!
Finally, Eliza introduces herself, and laments about the time she squirted all over a bed while staying at a family member's house. How can she EVER go back??
With each story shared, all of the women lift each other up, proving that this is a safe space. Lauren then encourages the group to love themselves, and says it can help to find someone who accepts them just the way they are. In fact, SHE can be that person for them... well, they can ALL be that for each other! So why don't they EMBRACE and CELEBRATE the fact that they are squirters??

Genre : Lesbian, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Fingering, College, Milf, Tattoos, Squirt, Old Young, Hairy, Asian, Facesitting, Tribbing, Ebony, Big ass, Curvy, Shaved pussy, Foursome, Kissing, Pussy eating, 1080p
Country: USA
Name : Lauren Phillips, Eliza Ibarra, Nicole Doshi, Avery Jane
Year of release : 2023
File Type: MP4



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