Barbara Bieber in Scourge 1

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Welcome to the dungeon… Dressed in shiny black PVC fetishwear, kink-crazed brunette Dominatrix Barbara Bieber wields a terrifying bullwhip, all set for a little self-pleasure before her submissives arrive. With the braided black leather draped snakelike around her neck, she caresses her large breasts, raking them with her painted talons through the sheer top of her teddy.
Kneeling on a hide-covered bed she stretches the whip taut, then bites down on it like soft licorice. Head bowed, she raises her ass in the air – and sees in the mirror that it’s striped pink from her long nails, and stray licks of her scourge. She slithers forward and kicks her spike heels, liberates her stunning rack, then unzips her teddy to reveal an open crotch.
Her puffy, shaved pussy spills out the gap, juice-moist and crowned with a cute trimmed bush, dyed a vibrant scarlet. She splays her pink butterfly, then inserts the handle of the whip in her snatch, using it as a dildo. As one hand plows, the other manipulates the flexible length, deft flicks of her wrist creating incredible sensations deep inside of her.
As Barbara thrashes on the mattress, perverse thoughts squirm into her head – and she finds herself wondering how it would feel to submit for real… To hear a stern Master bark commands she must obey – or see a haughty, whip-smart mistress wield a jeweled riding crop, then feel its sting. Her face burns red – never before has she doubted her Dominant ways. But the sudden pang of longing she feels deep in her pussy betrays her real feelings.
At first her orgasm is a welcome distraction from these feelings of shame and confusion – and as a tingling glow consumes her entire body, disguising her blushes, she sighs with relief. Her willing submissives will be punished harshly tonight – asses, tits and thighs crisscrossed with hot pink welts. But can Barbara be sure she won’t envy them just a little…?


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