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Mist rolls over the river just after dawn – but tattooed brunette Pollie Starr is already awake and horny. Dressed in a big-cross fishnet thong-teddy, platform heels, and cute glasses, she runs her manicured hands over her stunning body. She strokes her toned ass cheeks, then cups her tits and teases her erect puffy nipples, as they poke out the mesh.

On a stool next to her couch is a ripe banana. Pollie caresses the yellow skin, raking it with her long, neon-pink nails, and licks it seductively. Next, she unwraps a condom and, with practiced ease, uses her hot-pink lips to roll it down the banana. Now she sucks on the shaft even more voraciously, pleasuring it like a cock to turn herself on.

With her juices flowing, Pollie yanks her thong sideways, slides the phallic fruit between her thighs, and plunges it inside of her shaved pussy. It’s big but she takes it immediately and, as she plows it in and out, she plays with her small, perky breasts. Sighing as she stirs her makeshift dildo around, she loses herself in erotic ecstasy.

A change of position sees her raise one leg and reach back to bang herself from behind. Shot in close-up, her tender snatch oozes around the yellow shaft – the ultimate banana cream pussy pie. She teeters on her skyscraper heels as she stands to strip naked, then kneels on the couch to do herself doggy-style.

Finally, Pollie sprawls back, legs raised as she reams herself hard and fast. Her juices trickle down to moisten her asshole but now is not the time for anal play. Moaning out loud, she stays focussed on her orgasm – and, as it hits, her entire body trembles. Momentarily satisfied, she peels the condom from the banana. It’s a little smushed but perfectly edible – and, savoring the sweet flavor, she devours every last bite.

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