Carol O in My Guitar 1

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When smoking-hot rock chick Carol O grabs her guitar, tuning up means turning on. For this brown-eyed blonde, music is a mood, a vibe… in every sense. Sometimes it’s all about heavy, crunching riffs, but right now she’s picking out a soulful ballad, losing herself in the haunting melody as her deft fingers glide and flutter over the strings.
Naked beneath her leather motorcycle jacket and miniskirt, she offers tantalizing flashes of her small, perfect breasts and shaved pussy. Then, slowly, she sinks down to straddle her amp. As she keeps playing, she doesn’t only hear the song, she feels it, buzzing and humming against her crotch. Horny, she grinds her puffy slit against the device, as each note maximizes her thrill.
She is transported as the music fills her head and heart – but she can't ignore the ache between her thighs. Her pussy throbs and spasms, craving more. She sets aside her precious instrument and the agile, polished fingertips that formed the chords now strum her swollen, juice-moist pink. Pitch perfect, she moans as every touch seeks and finds another sweet spot.
Nude in her biker boots, she raises one long leg up on the amp and sinks two digits deep inside of her as her other hand circles her clit. Now she is lost in a reverie of lust, as she plows herself to a primal rhythm. The music plays on in her head, rising to its own climax as her snatch clamps tight around her fingers, then ripples in an intense orgasm.
Trembling with pleasure, Carol slumps down on the floor and retrieves her guitar. Its familiar contours bring comfort now, as she caresses it and picks out a few notes, unplugged. Soon, though, she angles the body between her thighs, humping up against the hard, smooth wood, ready for an encore…


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