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Serene Siren, Freya Parker - Role Models: When Sparks Fly / 15.01.23 1080p

Release Year: 2023                              
Cast: Serene Siren, Freya Parker                                  
Genres: kissing, Brunette, rimming, Big Tits, pussy eating, Old Young, Lesbian, Fingering, Tribbing, Milf, Facesitting, Foot Fetish, Natural Tits, Blonde, College

Freya Parker is an apprentice working towards becoming an electrician. In fact, it's her first day on an actual job site, having just graduated from a training program. She's paired up with a seasoned electrician, Serene Siren, whom she will be shadowing for the day.The first part of the day goes by very well, with Freya distinguishing herself in terms of skill and dedication. During some downtime, she eagerly asks Serene some questions about the industry. To her surprise, Serene's response isn't as silver-lined as Freya would have expected. Serene says that it can be an extremely rewarding career, BUT a woman has to be able to stomach the downsides of working in a male-dominated field.But Serene is pleasantly surprised to see that despite her cautioning, Freya STILL seems determined to follow through with her chosen career path. Especially when there are inspirational (and CUTE) role models out there like Serene. As they continue chatting, sparks fly and the two grow more and more intrigued by their connectivity. Since they have the client's house all to themselves, maybe they can see just how ELECTRIC their newfound chemistry really is?

Time: 00:30:11                                      
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