Mistress Wael - How I Feed Slave Tiny Bite Sized Chunks of My Shit [2022 / 720p]

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How do you eat a chocolate bar - do you shove the entire bar into your mouth at once, or do you chew off small and manageable bite sized chunks? I made this video to show you how I successfully feed first time shit eaters so that they can swallow with no mess. The most important thing going on is how hard I keep his cock, just letting him teeter on the edge of orgasm as I push and break off the tiniest of chunks directly into his throat below me, making sure all the while my anus and his lips are sealed tight against one another. Men with hard cocks, leaking with pre-cum can accomplish amazing things that even they themselves never thought possible. Notice that once I let him cum, he could no longer swallow and instead began spitting, gagging and retching. Also notice please, how tiny the melted chunk is that he did spit out. That is about the size that I'm dropping down deep into his throat. They are very hard to catch with the tongue when that small, and once lodged that deep into the throat the natural reaction is to swallow. All in all, I'd say he swallowed about 10 such chunks without complaint... until he came at the end. That was his first time swallowing too.

Genre : Scat, shitting, shit eating, shit in mouth, shit feeding, shit on face, human toilet, human toilet paper, toilet, toilet humiliation, toilet slavery, toilet slave, toilet fetish, toilet training, 720p
Name : Mistress Wael
Year of release : 2022
File Type: MP4




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