Mistress Wael - Hottest Human Toilet Training Video Ever Made [2022 / 720p]

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I like to make Human Toilet Training both sexy and humiliating. I humiliate my slave by stretching his head over the toilet bowl with his chin up so that any piss missed by his mouth enters instead into his upside down nose and thus through the nasal cavity and into the back of the throat where he struggles mightily to swallow. As a reward I stroke his cock to get it hard just before I squat over him and fill his mouth with my shit. Then I go back and finish what I started, giving him a massive but unwanted orgasm. Because as you men all know, once you finish cumming the humiliation intensifies. Immediately he begins retching and gagging but I'm in no rush. I enjoy watching my poo melt in his mouth ever so slowly as I drip his cum onto his face and take my sweet time putting on my stockings thereafter. Finally, I exit the room, leaving him there for a few hours to slowly swallow my melting shit gulp by gulp... be sure to read the accompanying blog story that goes into detail the ways in which I'm making my slave suffer in this video.

Genre : Scat, shitting, shit eating, shit in mouth, shit feeding, shit on face, human toilet, human toilet paper, toilet, toilet humiliation, toilet slavery, toilet slave, toilet fetish, toilet training, 720p
Name : Mistress Wael
Year of release : 2022
File Type: MP4




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