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Jan 18, 2023
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Gorgeous Ukrainian brunette Elina De Lion is in her kitchen, deep into a lesbian fantasy session with… a mannequin. Elina is dressed in a sheer teddy and high, spike-heeled pumps, with subtle nude makeup and her long, golden-brown hair worn loose. On her knees, she licks and kisses the dummy’s smooth, white-plastic crotch and glances up at the pert, hard breasts.
Shot upskirt from behind, she flaunts her flawless ass in the thong-back teddy. Then she perches on the counter and strokes a large, realistic dildo. As she sucks on the hefty, quivering shaft, she caresses her oblivious ‘girlfriend’. Of course, there’s nothing to stop her from playing with them both and she slides a foot between her plastic pal’s thighs, then pops her teddy crotch so she can masturbate her shaved pussy.
Elina trails the dildo over the mannequin’s curves, but only she can truly appreciate it. Thighs splayed wide, she swipes and grinds the head against her puffy butterfly lips, as her free hand strokes the dummy’s contours. This may be role-play, but the thrill Elina gets from ‘pleasuring’ her lover is real.
Soon, she is wet enough to slip the dildo inside of her. Her snatch stretches open around the shaft and she pauses to taste it, but soon her focus shifts to pounding herself a little harder and deeper with each thrust. The mannequin stands over her like a statue as, barefoot now, she lies back on the counter and wraps her long legs around it – one raised on its shoulder and the other hooked around its back.
Close to orgasm, Elina slumps down on the floor, teddy rising up to expose her perfect breasts and pierced nipples. Moaning, she takes as much of the length as she can handle while attempting to give the figure some attention, too. But, as she hits the point of no return, her free hand strums her clit. We leave her relishing the afterglow, playing with the mannequin, the dildo and her wet, satisfied pussy…

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