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Lyla was born on January 4, 1983.  She has been known by a few alias names which include Kyla Lei, Layla Lei, Leila Lee, Leila Lei, Leyla Lei, Lilah Lae, Ly Len, Lyla, Lyla Lia and Lyla Loi.  before her porno career, she had been working in a law office and as a Medical Secretary for a local physician. She got her embark in porno in 2002. She was found out by masculine porno performer and director T.T. Fellow.  Lyla is credited with 364 on IAFD.  She retired in 2007 and proclaimed that she was retiring her stage name and now going by the name "Terri".  There were some videos and sequences unleashed as recently as 2013 containing her spectacles but it's firm to tell if they were filmed recently or from her earlier days in front of the camera.  In 2005 Lyla was nominated by AVN for its “Best Anal invasion Hump Scene” award.

Genre: Blowjob,Natural Tits,Small Tits,Facial,Anal,Cunnilingus,Tattoo,Handjob,Deepthroat,Masturbation,Oral,Fingering,Interracial,Creampie,Asian,Threesome,Lesbian,Petite,Rimming,Cum Swallowing,Ass To Mouth,Double Penetration,Squirting,Gangbang,Spanking,Strap-On,Rough Sex,Double Blowjob,Double Anal Penetration,Cum Swapping,
Cast: Lyla Lei
Clips: 243
Size: 65.430 MB
Duration: 5000 min


MEGA!!! Danke schön wowan !!!  yum
Posted schwammerlkoenig am 25 November 2022 11:00
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