Braylin Bailey - How Not To Dress For A Funeral HD 720p

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Braylin Bailey - How Not To Dress For A Funeral  720p

Release Year: 2022                              
Cast: Braylin Bailey                                  
Genres: Big Dick, POV, Petite, Pussy Licking, Lingerie, Blonde, Fair Skin, Panties, Creampie, Thongs, Evening wear, Girl Orgasm, Long hair, Trimmed, Big Ass, Passion, GirlBoy, Bras, Cowgirl, Blowjob

Braylin Bailey dresses in a hot little black dress to go to a funeral, which she doesn't see a problem with. Braylin's stepbrother, Apollo Banks, has other thoughts. He tells Braylin that guys are going to try to take advantage of her. Instead of offering to change into something more demure, Braylin takes Apollo's hand and puts it on her hot little twat as she describes all the things she thinks he's afraid might happen. She finishes by making it clear that she has a crush on her stepbrother. Apollo tries to disengage by telling Braylin he's going to grab his keys and leaving the room.Braylin one-ups the situation by dropping her dress so she's in her sheer bra and thong. She gets even more aggressive, palming Apollo's stiffie and then putting his hand back on her twat. Telling Apollo to show her how to deal with guys at the funeral who will want to fuck her, Braylin struts to the couch and spreads her thighs. She pulls her thong aside and instructs Apollo to get over there now and lick it. He is hesitant, but Braylin is clearly in charge of the situation. Before Apollo knows it, he's got his tongue buried between Braylin's the folds of greedy twat.Once she's enjoyed her first orgasm, Braylin instructs Apollo to take his dick out. He's so big that Braylin insists he fuck her right now. She moans long and loud in approval at that big member buried in her tight snatch, but a single position isn't enough to satisfy this cock loving coed. She gets Apollo on his back so she can slurp her own juices off his fuck rod and then climb aboard in reverse cowgirl. When Braylin gets on her hands and knees, Apollo doesn't argue about banging her in doggy. When Apollo is about to cum, Braylin has him fill her pussy right up with his creampie before pointing out that they're going to be late for the funeral.

Time: 00:22:04                                      
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