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 When Girls Play 14 (2021)  
The scintillating energy of lesbian passions ignite in this feature. The girls engage in unending play and you'll enjoy every second of it!
Sexy blonde Allie Eve Knox tells her sweet friend Angel Smalls that she's a web cam model for a living and people are watching her as she strip down, that's how she pays her rent and isn't shy about it. They soon kiss and rub each others bodies, shuddering as they each have orgasms.
After an unexpected cold snap takes Rina and Eliza by surprise, the two BFFs huddle together for warmth, but Eliza's blanket isn't quite big enough for the two of them! The girlfriends can't get warm enough like this, but as they start a playful tug-of-war over the blanket, they soon think of another way to share some body heat! Eliza leans down for a kiss that soon turns to more as the beautiful babes run their hands over each other's stunning bodies, and before long they're feeling positively hot and sweaty! Rina tongues Eliza's sweet pussy before the cute blonde returns the favor, and these besties are soon locked in a passionate embrace as they scissor their way to passionate climax!
Quickies can be fun, but girlfriends, Molly and Marilyn, want to take their time for the ultimate romantic afternoon delight! The babes have prepared their boudoir by strewing rose petals over the bed, and they've dressed in satin robes that get them in the right sensual frame of mind for a long, leisurely lovemaking session. Molly lies on the bed as Marilyn oils up her curvy body, rubbing her hands over her lover's tits, ass, and long, luscious legs in a slow massage that's totally teasing before finally giving her pussy the attention she's been craving! Molly turns the tables with tantalizing caresses of her own, and the beauties luxuriate in the feel of each other's bodies, and, of course, their multiple big O's!
Audrey is all fired up to decorate for her Fourth of July party, but her girlfriend Verronica would rather nap until the guests arrive. Audrey finally figures out a way to inspire Verronica to more patriotic passion: by enticing her with glimpses of her perky breasts! After Verronica pitches in to make their yard look more festive, the pair slip into matching stars-and-stripes headbands and nothing else, letting their hands roam across each other's bodies and down to their tight pussies before a hot 69, experiencing some private fireworks before their guests show up!
Stunning brunette Olive is getting ready for work when she realizes she's lost her lipstick, but her pretty, redhead roommate Luna is happy to lend one of hers. The babes decide to test the lipstick's kiss-proof promise by checking whether it will leave marks when they press their lips to each other's creamy skin. The lipstick may not have lived up to its advertising, but these sweet lesbians can't stop kissing each other all over until they're locked in a sexy 69. They keep going even after all their lip color is kissed off, with a sexy make out and trib session before licking and fingering their pussies until they're both moaning with sweet release!

Category: Lesbian, Facesitting, Fingering, Rimming, Sex Toys, Outdoor
Starring: Allie Eve Knox, Angel Smalls, Audrey Royal, Eliza Jane, Luna Lain, Marilyn Mansion, Molly Mae, Olive Glass, Rina Ellis, Verronica Kirei
Language: English
Size: 4.57 GB
Length: 02:55:01
Format:  MP4
Video:  1920x1080


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