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 Can You Take My Anal Virginity Step Dad
I walk into my step-daughter's bedroom to ask her if she is ready to eat lunch, but Gracie ends up confessing to me that she's sad because her boyfriend broke up with her! She tells me that she wanted to have sex with him, and she was especially curious about anal sex, but her boyfriend wanted to remain a virgin and chose to break up with her instead of have sex with her. She starts to strip naked in front of me, because she wants to seduce me into having anal sex with her! She reminds me that I'm just her step-dad, so it isn't that weird. She gets into the doggystyle position and I shove my cock in her pussy first. She tells me that she wants to try anal sex, but that my cock feels good in her pussy so she wants to keep getting her pussy fucked first! After a few minutes, we are both ready to switch to her ass hole. I slowly shove my cock in her ass, since she is an anal virgin. She loves every minute of it, and we promise each other that we won't tell her step-mom or her ex-boyfriend about this!My Ass Is Always Ready For Step Dad
My step-daughter calls out my name, but she is calling me from her step-brother's bedroom instead of her own. I ask her why she's in her step-brother's bed and she tells me that it's twice the size of her own bed; there is way more room for us in this bed! She starts to strip out of her clothes and then she starts to give me a blowjob next. Once my cock is hard, Gracie lies down on her step-brother's bed in the missionary position. I fuck her pussy really quickly and then I shove my cock in to her ass hole next. She tells me that she loves when I fuck both of her holes! After fucking her ass in the missionary position, she flips over in to the doggystyle position next. I fuck her ass from behind and I even switch back and forth between each hole, which is my favorite thing to do! I cream pie her this time, but I let her know that I plan to cum on her face next time...Step Daughter Dares Me Not To Get Hard
My step-daughter, Gracie, is becoming obsessed with anal sex lately! She wants it from me all the time, and she tries to convince me to have sex on the living room couch this time. She strips for me and then she starts to give me a blowjob again. Then she hops on the couch in the doggystyle position and she shakes her ass for me. She asks me which hole I want to fuck this time! I want to fuck her ass today! After a few minutes in the doggystyle position, she lies down on the couch in the missionary position and I fuck her ass while she is lying on her back. She hops on top of my cock next and she rides my cock with her ass. When I get close to cumming, I have her get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off all over her face. Just like I promised her last time!Step Mom's First Ass To Mouth with Step Daughter
My wife and my step-daughter are talking about anal sex, as they sit next to each other on the bed I share with Cory. My wife is wearing black lingerie while my step-daughter is wearing pink lingerie. They start to kiss each other, and that's when I decide to walk into the room. Gracie ended up telling my wife about all of the fun that we've been having without her lately! I assume that I'll get in trouble with my wife, but Cory tells me that she just wants to join instead! My wife and my step-daughter started to give me a double blowjob first. Cory asks me whose ass I want to fuck first, so I choose her ass. Gracie gets into the doggy style position next, for me to shove my hard cock in her ass next. I fuck Gracie's pussy next, and then I switch back and forth between her two holes. Then my wife gets into the doggystyle position next, and I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth next. When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off all over my step-daughter's face and in her mouth. She then kisses my wife and the two of them share my cum! What a great family bonding experience this was!

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