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20 year old Dani hails from Pittsburgh but just recently moved to Las Vegas - so she can work on becoming a pornstar. However we are lucky that she is doing her first boy-girl scene for ExCoGi. Before we kick her sexy ass back to Vegas so she can fuck other dudes, dames, and dunces for other porn companies, we make sure she fully understands what it requires to get through a porn scene alive. Good thing we did, too, because sexy Dani starts off with a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm, sucks and fucks Mr TC with gusto...then cums a few times and becomes a barely awake little lazybone .
So she doesn't yet have the stamina to do full, long shoots quite yet, so let's cheer her on so that by the time she's doing this regularly, she actually has the energy to keep fucking, no matter how many orgasms she's had.
What gave her the idea to get into this jizz biz in the first place? It started with her ex-boyfriend filming them have sex. She liked what she saw (read: ego trip) , then broke up with the dude, and realized at 20 she better start getting her financial act together, and pronto. And let's face it, for a lot of pretty girls the fastest way to get into the black with their bank account is by sucking and fucking strangers on camera.
This industry might actually be a good fit for Dani. When cocklord TC asks her if she has a strong sex drive, Dani can't suppress that laugh that says "oh boy, you have no fucking idea how much I love sex". Granted, that was somewhat of a silly question. Just moments earlier TC ambushed her naked in the shower. fast forward a few milliseconds an we watch the girl suck TC's hard cock with so much enthusiasm, you'd think it was plated with gold. Then, still in the shower, TC just fucks her. And she doesn't flinch, doesn't mind. In fact, her creamy pussy - which she's super proud of - tells us she's ready to go for real. So is TC.
And that's where the REAL action begins. A quick interview, and then we get a really good luck at every inch of Dani's tight body. That ass is incredible, along with...oh pretty much everything. If it wasn't for that shitty tat over her left tit, Dani's body would be pretty much flawless. And it just gets better from there. Dani's body will get you excited, her cock sucking/ deep throating abilities will get you totally hard. And after, or more likely during, all those sex positions Dani and TC engage in, you'll cum. She just looks hot getting fucked.
After a rigorous fuck session that ends with blasting Dani's face with his sperm (which she plays around with in her mouth, super hot!), she throws on her clothes and has TC drive her to pick up her porn shoot money from the bank. Sex is great but money is better? Yep, she's definitely ready for this industry.




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