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Living together can blur society's rules, especially when physical attraction takes over! Presented here are 4 hardcore stories of stepfather getting a little too close to their sexually adventurous and very attractive stepdaughters! Esperanza Del Horno is having an affair with her stepdad and isn't trying to hide it at all. She sneaks into her stepdad's room and plays with his cock while her stepmom is napping next to them! While her stepdad makes eggs for her stepmom, she starts sucking his cock. Things get even wilder and there's no way they're keeping stepmom in the dark! Raven Reign is a cam girl but just as she's getting into a a show her stepdad comes in the room. He tells her it's family movie night. She's pissed but she puts a pillow between them and gets naked on the couch. Her stepdad finally notices and can't believe what he's seeing. My stepdaughter, a cam whore? Not my sweet girl! Violet Rain's younger stepbrother is coming to visit and she's super excited. She goes out to a party while he lays down in her dorm, and when she gets back, she is feeling a little tingly down below. She wants a taste of his hard dick, so she sneaks up to the top bunk and rubs his back while he rests. He is a little surprised but Violet is pretty convincing! Shavelle Love woke up to the sound of her parents fucking again! She decided to go take a peek and damn, her stepdad looked pretty hot. At the breakfast table Shavelle was confronted by her stepdad. She saw her peeking into their room, and he also saw her start to play with herself! He confesses that he would like to play with her too!

Genre: Teens, Big Dicks, Blowjobs, Facials, Family Roleplay, Older Men, Shaved, Small Tits
Cast: Esperanza Del Horno, Violet Rain, Shavelle Love, Raven Reign

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