Ziggy Star - Slutty Messy Tutor Teaches His Black Ass To Stay Out Of Trouble FullHD 1080p

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Ziggy Star (Slutty Messy Tutor Teaches His Black Ass To Stay Out Of Trouble!) 1080p

Release Year: 2021                              
Cast: Ziggy Star                                  
Genres: Gonzo Hardcore Deepthroat Gagging IR Rimming

Ziggy loves college. It's been the best time of her life these last couple of years. Lots of new knowledge, lots of new friends, lots of new experiences...The experiences that have changed Ziggy the most though? Getting her holes stuffed with big black dick daily. Yes, ever since Ziggy came to college and started working with the mostly black athletes her school recruits, she's turned into a black cock whore. She's been throating monster cocks, getting ass fucked by donkey dicks and slurping the sweat out of dirty assholes ever since freshman year. If being a slut for black men were a degree, she would be graduating with high honors.Speaking of graduating, thats something that Branden needs to do, and he's not going to be able to if he doesn't start getting some better grades. Hell, he's not gonna be able to play in the next game if he doesn't pass his next exam. And when the basketball team's advisors really need a player to do better ASAP, they send Ziggy. The athletes just respond well to her for some reason.Ziggy's seen Branden on the court before and seen some articles about him. He came from a troubled background but fought through the adversity to make it to this university. He's also very good player and very important to the team. He's also good looking...and she knows he has a BBC. She has a 6th sense for these things by now. But even though Ziggy wants to deepthroat his fat black cock and feel it deep in her pussy...she also knows that his exam is very, very important. If Branden doesn't pass, then he can't play. Ziggy's focused.She shows up at the assigned time and walks in (he said he was going to leave the door open for her). As she's unpacking her stuff, Ziggy notices something in Branden's spot. It's a mask. A ski mask. Like the one she's been seeing on the news when they talk about the robbery incidents that have been going on.....

Time: 01:03:33                                      
File: MPEG-4
Video: 1920x1080               
Audio: mp4                 
File Size: 5.74 GB


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