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As the saying goes If you're not on the edge then you have no F'ing clue were it's at, and today's cute and adorable college-coed teeny bopper is 19 year old Mella Megan and she's riding the edging wave all the time. Yeah for all you people out there unaware of the term edging it's something I thought only guys practiced so they could last longer during sex but I guess girl's can play that game too. So let's get everyone in the know shall we? Edging is when you bring yourself just to the edge, or the event horizon to be exact, of orgasming and then back off just enough to keep that almost orgasming felling rolling and rolling and rolling throughout your body. Sort of sounds a little cruel to the untrained ear, but it's not. Trust me. If you've never done it then you don't know what you're missing and the thrill of having an endless wave of pleasure roll over and over and over and over and over your entire body is second to none. The feeling's sort of over whelming. Kind of like being caught in a tidal wave that never ends but in a really great way. I can do it so I can speak first hand, get it? You beat off with your hand hahaha, and I can make it last for hours and it's the bomb!!! I'm kind of sad the secret's out now because to be a male performer in this industry you kind of have to know how to do this. Ok so know that the secret's out that guys can also have an almost endless orgasm lets focus our hardons at Mella shall we and it's not to hard at all to do that. This girl is the epitome of the unassuming girl that so much reminds me of another ExCoGi favorite fuck of mine and that girl is Carly from 2010. Both these girls are fare-skinned teens who have just perfect little A cups and pink, perky nipples just begging to be pinched and licked. They both have beautifully pink pussies that also just love having them licked. They both also had never had their asshole licked before ExCoGi but loved having it done to them. We all love that! And yes these girls even moaned the same and have the same personality traits who want to explore their bodies to the pleasures of the flesh. They could be sisters these two and I so wish I could have a 3some with them both. I still beat off to Carly and I must confess I've already rubbed a few out to Mella thank you all very much. So now that you all know this honey has the ExCoGi Steve prime stamp of approval I'd say you all need to go rub a few out yourself because this girl was taken for a ride she won't soon forget. Oh and she squirted twice when Tyler fucked her to orgasm and that's never happened before she confessed. Yes this little girl had an amazing time for her second sex on camera because you know Rick over at Backroom took her first Anal'ing on camera the day before. Better keep your one-eye'd monster on the look out for that one. So enjoy Mella everyone. I've already edged a few times to the directors cut. Cheers! Steve.

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Cast: Mella Megan

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