A POV Story - Kenzie Reeves & Cory Chase

Porn Stars:
4490 MB
55 min
Release Date:
August 8, 2021
Publication date:


Evan (Nathan Bronson) finds his stepsister Alicia (Kenzie Reeves) laying on his bed after she cleaned his room. Thy have a small fight about a cuddle session that went a bit too far previously and Kenzie storms off. Later Nathan is talking to stepmom (Cory Chase) in the car as they talk about Alicia and her possibly getting help from a therapist. That night, Alicia goes to talk to Evan again as they hear Cory masturbating in her room with a vibrator. Alicia reveals that she has a crush on Cory as well and suggests that they should go spy on her. Alicia is about to leave but Evan stops her which leads to the revelation that Cory is addicting to cum. He doesn't believe her of course but she convinces him after explaining what she is doing in the other room as they both leave to confront her. It takes a little time but Cory finally relents as Kenzie starts commencing with foreplay while Evan strokes himself before they all join in together. Mommy's cum addiction must be quenched.




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