Avery Black - Make Daddy Pay: Avery Black Fucked RAW By Oliver Davis Full HD 1080p

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Avery Black - Make Daddy Pay: Avery Black Fucked RAW By Oliver Davis 1080p

Release Year: 2021-08-11                              
Cast: Avery Black                                  
Genres: Leather Cuffs, Gag, Impact Play, Shaved, Role Play, Small Tits, Vaginal Penetration, Blindfold, Facial, Pussy Eating, Crop, Submission, Straight, Blowjob, Leather, BDSM, Natural Boobs, Bondage

Poor Avery Black is blindfolded with a ring gag to keep her from talking. Arms bound with leather cuffs behind her back, she sits exposed and vulnerable in her underwear on a bed as her tormentor, Oliver Davis, hits her with a riding crop.Oliver is making a video to send to Avery’s father. He exposes Avery’s firm, natural breasts. He’s rough with those tender rosebuds. He fondles her crotch as the camera keeps running. He pushes Avery’s face down on the bed, squeezes and slaps her vulnerable ass. A mere thin strip of cotton protects her modesty. The riding crops stings and bites her tender flesh. He pulls the fabric away. She can feel the cool air on her dripping wet pussy. Oliver’s dirty hands touching what should not be touched. She can feel his hot breath between her legs. Will her father see this on the video?Oliver spreads her cunt wide open for the camera, rubbing her clit. Just when it feels good the crop returns. He won’t use it on her tender clit, will he? He does and she enjoys it. Blindfolded, she’s unable to see where the next blow will land. All she knows is that her naked ass and pussy face the camera recording everything for Daddy. He’ll pay plenty to make sure this video disappears. Just as Avery planned.When Oliver pulls down his pants she worships his large cock. The ring gag keeps her mouth wide open and drooling as he fucks her throat deep with his cock. When he goes down on her wet pussy, she’s ready to get fucked. Wrists and ankles bound to a spreader bar, she gets drilled deep and fucked every which way. When she’s thoroughly teased and ready to explode, she’s released from her bondage and sinks down on his hard cock. Oliver rolls her over, face down, ass up, and pumps her for all she’s worth.

Time: 00:46:01                                      
File: MPEG-4
Video: 1920x1080               
Audio: mp4                 
File Size: 3.28 GB


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