Gabbie Carter, Eliza Ibarra, LuLu Chu - Breaking Up Is Hard 1080p


Year: 15.08.2021
Genre: Blonde, Tribbing, FaceSitting, Piercing, Lesbian, Tattoo, Rimjob, Natural Tits, Petite, Fingering, Pussy Licking, Latina, Big Tits, Asian, Black Hair
Cast: Gabbie Carter, Eliza Ibarra, LuLu Chu

 Gabbie Carter is secretly dating two amazing girls, Eliza Ibarra and Lulu Chu, but knows that she can't string them along any further. She HAS to choose one to commit to, no matter how great they BOTH are. That's when she decides to call Eliza over to have a serious talk with her.When Eliza arrives and is led into the bedroom, she is sweet and doting, obviously having no idea what Gabbie is about to tell her. But before Gabbie can say anything, they are interrupted by the doorbell, which confuses Gabbie. She excuses herself to answer the door and is shocked to see Lulu, who has shown up to give her a romantic surprise.Gabbie, curious about the surprise and hesitant to send Lulu away, invites her to wait on the couch while she finishes up... something else. From there, things get more and more sexy and chaotic as Gabbie flits between the bedroom with Eliza and the living room with Lulu, unable to keep her hands off them. How can she break up with EITHER of them now?? But how long can she keep them in the dark before she's found out? And what will happen then??

Quality: Full HD
Format: mp4
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (AVC), 2 590 kb/s, 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Audio: AAC (AAC LC-SBR-PS), 62.7 kb/s (CBR), 48.0 kHz / 48.0 kHz 

 Duration: 00:44:23
Size: 844 MB

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