Balancing The Books - Tori Bare - Universal Spanking and Punishments - Full HD


Tori Bare is a good girl that sometimes needs a firm and hard spanking. She'd been spanked in a stern manner in the past, but it had been a long while since she had assumed the position for some much needed discipline to 'balance' the books so to speak. Tori is first spanked by the hand and she doesn't get to keep her yoga pants or panties on very long,... because for her, a spanking is best served on her naked bottom while taking the belt!The leather belt has a firm bite that stings a girl's behind, and so does the riding crop which hurts her even worse! Tori then has to take strokes with a split tailed leather strap, a prison strap, and a double thick billet strap. Our goal was to make this discipline session very memorable, so we brought out a lot of painful implements to ensure very effective results. Next, Tori is whipped with a quirt, just like a girl would have faced in the old days. She begins to hate the pain that the spankings are bringing to her bare bottom, but she knows that the old fashioned way is the best way to teach a valuable lesson.To complete the discipline session, the Canadian prison Strap is used on the glowing buns of Tori followed by searing licks of the rubber strap with holes. The final implement used on her tender bottom is a wooden paddle, unforgiving in nature, and almost always the implement that causes a girl to have a change of heart, or to just be a better person. You can also look forward to a bonus caning scene featuring six of the best at the end of this video!!!



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