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1. What Are You Doing In Bed: Mia was tired and decided to sleep in rather than attend class. Mia was new to the school and truly did not believe in the tales of spanking that circulated. When Mia was found in bed by Headmaster Pierson she was lead to the large bedroom. A sense of dread came over her as she came to realize that she was about to be spanked. Soon she found herself over Dr. Pierson's lap. She gasped as her bottom was bared and cried as she was spanked. Mia was spanked on her bare bottom, an experience totally new to her, until she cried and proclaimed that she was sorry for sleeping in. After her spanking, she was led to the corner to stand with her red bottom on display.
2. The Imperfect Prefect: After the spanking of Mia, Gianna was summoned from class. Dr Pierson held prefect Gianna as responsible for Mia's sleeping in. As the head girl, it is her job to be sure that everyone is up and off to class. Gianna was shocked when informed that she was to be spanked for her failure that morning. Not only was her spanking to be delivered upon her bare bottom, but as an imperfect prefect, it was going to be very hard. As her hard spanking went on, Gianna couldn't restrain her cries of anguish as they reverberated through the whole house. The other girls found this disconcerting as their head girl was taking a very intense punishment from Dr. Pierson. After her spanking was at its end, the less than perfect prefect was put in the corner with her very sore, red bottom on display.
3. Apologies and Consequences: After Gianna's spanking was over, Mia felt bad for her friend. She came in to comfort Gianna who stood with her face to the wall and her red bottom on display. What started out as a moment of tenderness soon turned into pure lust. They removed one another's clothes and were soon in the master's bed. Unfortunately for them, Dr. Pierson wandered in and observed this orgiastic display. Gianna was first to be punished and embarrassed, the naked girl was made to bend over the bottom of the bed-board for a very hard spanking.
Mia looked on in horror at the severe spanking that Gianna was taking at the hands of Dr Pierson. Her cries of anguish could be heard through the house. Once Gianna's punishment was at an end, she promised never to behave in such a manner again. (run this as a single piece)
Now it was Mia's turn and she was extremely after seeing the severity of the spanking Gianna had just suffered. She couldn't believe her ears when Dr Pierson told the naked girl that he wasn't going to spank her, that her punishment would be delivered by Gianna. She felt beyond humiliated as the naked girl with the bright red bottom began to spank her. Soon, it wasn't her dignity that concerned her, it was the pain emanating from her bottom.
Mia's bare bottom was spanked over and over again by Gianna who dared show no mercy to her friend while under the watchful eyes of Dr. Pierson. Once the punishment was over, the two tearful, naked girls with the red bottoms stood before Dr. Pierson. He chastised them once again and informed the girls that they would spend the next two days in detention. Only Gianna understood the full meaning of this
4. Detention Day One - The Meter Stick Paddle: It was day one of their detention and Mia asked Gianna how long did she think Dr. Pierson would keep them. Gianna responded that it wasn't how long, but how much it would hurt. Once Dr. Pierson arrived, he wasted no time and instructed Mia to come to the front of the room. She was required to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. He informed the girl that she would be receiving 30 strokes of the meter stick. When the first stroke landed, Mia nearly jumped over the desk. She wasn't sure how she could take twenty-nine more. Mia was shocked at how much the meter stick hurt when it landed upon her bare bottom. It wasn't long before she was crying and apologizing for her behavior. Once her punishment was over, she was sent to the corner to serve corner time.
As prefect of her esteemed house, Gianna was aware that corporal punishment given to one such as she would be rather severe. As with Mia, Gianna was instructed to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. Once the first blow fell, she knew that she was unprepared to take such a severe discipline. Dr Pierson was unrelenting in his attack upon Gianna's naked bottom. Once the 30th stoke had landed, he called for Mia to bend over the desk and await the arrival of the student counsel who would document their spankings
5. Detention Day Two ' The Strap: Before coming to this school, Mia had little to no experience with corporal punishment. After becoming a bit of a terror at home, Mia was sent to the boarding school for the education and discipline she required. Now, she finds herself in the second day of detention and after being on the receiving end of the meter stick paddle the day prior, today she would be lowering her panties to feel the sting of the strap. When her name was called to come to the front of the room, lower her panties, and bend over the desk, she thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest. Soon after she felt the first kiss of the strap across her bare bottom, the tears started to flow. Mia sobbed and wiggled throughout her punishment, promising improved behavior. Once the punishment was at an end, the tearful girl was sent back to her desk and was required to sit with her bare, sore bottom pressed into the hard wood.
After a tearful Mia was sent back to her seat to feel the pain of the metal desk chair upon her bare bottom, Gianna was now called to the front to face her punishment. As prefect, she knew that her punishment would be even harsher than that faced by Mia. She was determined not to cry, but this desire was crushed soon after Dr. Pierson landed the first blow with the strap. She seemed to cry even harder when Dr. Pierson used his hand to spank her naked bottom and thighs. After several blows with the strap, Gianna promised that her behavior would never again deteriorate to such a level. Once finished, Dr. Pierson called Mia forward and gave the girls a few whacks with the strap to remind them of the offence they committed together, leaving a sobbing Gianna and Mia to contemplate to error they had both committed.



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